Monday, February 16, 2009

Top Ten Things To Do On The Third Fourth Consecutive Day Of A Non-Stop-Torrential-Down-Pour-Storm

#10 – Wake up, look outside. Go back to bed and try again tomorrow.
#9 – Walk around the house in your bathrobe all day long.
#8 – Apologize to your dog for not being able to take him outside… again.
#7 – Clean up the dog’s pee from under the kitchen table. Sigh.
#6 – Go on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and your blog. Complain endlessly to the virtual world about the rain, your misery and of all the great things you could be doing, but can’t. Wait patiently as the influx of empathetic comments and well wishes from your friends, fans and followers arrive in your inbox or comments.
#5 – Fall into a deep depression, of which the depths will leave you scarred and miserable for the rest of your life. Or until the sun comes out again.
#4 – Check the weather channel, throw shoe at TV.
#3 – Bake some chocolate chip cookies. You will be wearing layers of clothing for the rest of your life because the rain will never stop, so tell the annoying voice in your head to “shut-up” and indulge. You so know you want to.
#2 – Sit on couch and stare out window. Visualize the rain stopping and believe that you can will it away with your mind. Do this until it stops, then take full credit.
#1 – Punch anyone in the face that says “the rain is good, we really need it.”

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