Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top Ten Ways To Piss Me Off

(This is not a "to do" list)

10. Ask me “what’s for dinner,” at 8am.

9. Slamming the door after “not hearing” the answer you were looking for. Cuz, I’m really not changing my mind now, am I?

8. Not getting in with slowing traffic but instead bypassing it all and cutting in at the front of the line.

7. Cancelling or deleting one of my DVR recordings. *head exploding*

6 a. Not answering the phone when I’m trying to call you, but then get mad when I miss a call from you.

6 b. Leaving me a note or a work assignment on my desk and then putting my stapler on top of it. Why? Are you afraid it is going to blow off? Do you THINK I won’t see it there, in the middle of my clean desk?

5. Writing that someone is a “looser.” IT IS SPELLED “L-O-S-E-R.” You fucking idiot.

4. Telling me to "calm down."

3. When stalkish telemarketers call at home.

2. A dirty kitchen. That I just cleaned. Earlier that day.

1. Causing me, no matter in how small of a way, to be late.

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