Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Words...

... that start with "O"

10. Obviously – Well obviously I like this word, duh. Who doesn’t?

9. Obnoxious – my favorite description for someone completely out of control.

8. Oblivion / Oblivious – If you ever find yourself in denial and are totally oblivious to it all… oblivion is the place to go

7. Oddity – Kind of quirky, but a good word to describe something or someone that is just a bit “off.”

6. Obstruction – When I don’t know what a call on the pitch (soccer) or on the ice (hockey) is… I just assume it is for obstruction. And? It makes me sound like I know things.

5. Ominous – A very dark and foreshadowing word. I Love to use it in my writing or as an offhanded comment to someone being overly negative.

4. Oxymoron – who doesn’t love this word or pointing out when one occurs? I do! (hand raised)

3. Ostentatious – I love this word. I feel like the biggest snob when I can look down my nose and label something as “ostentatious.”

2. Obsolete – Great word, will never be its own meaning.

1. Obtuse – I love pulling this one out, especially when someone is pissing me off and not understanding the point. Also, used in the turning point of one of my all time favorite movies, The Shawshank Redemption, when Andy calls the warden “obtuse” for not understanding that an inmate’s testimony could get him out of prison.

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