Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top Ten 13 Driving Pet Peeves

13. On road trips: people who cling to the fast lane like it is a lifeline *Let me pass*

12. Traffic lights on timers. Sensors people, Sensors! I’m here waiting… there is no one else around! Turn green already! *Have to pee*

11. That one guy who doesn’t know how (doesn’t want to? Doesn’t know he should?) to merge. Every. Other. Car.* Dumbass*

10. People passing on the right when they have a perfectly clear lane to pass on the left *Common Sense Deficient*

9. Solo driver driving in the carpool lane. Especially when it is intermittently to only pass slow traffic, thinking they are sly and won’t get caught *Delusional*

8. Waiting behind someone at a red light who doesn’t move when the light turns green *Sexting*

7. That one smart ass who won’t let you pass, but then slows down and won’t let you get behind him either. *Psycho*

6. Passing someone, because he/she was in such a damn hurry, then getting in front of the person they just passed and slowing down *Idiot*

5. Someone cuts you off, almost hits you, swerves in your lane (all of the above)… then flips you off when you honk at them *Emotional Issues and Possible Road Rage Tendencies*

4. Drivers who feel that they are entitled (above and beyond reproach of any other driver or safety laws out on the road) to reach their destination quick, fast and at the expense of others *Douche-son-of-a-bitch-mother-fucker-dickhead-waste-of-space-loser*

3. Taking up 2 parking spaces. Really? You’re that DAMN special? *Has a small penis*

2. Turning left (when there is no turn lane) during busy commute time, causing everyone behind you to have to wait along with you or attempt to swerve around you and possibly get hit by someone in the other lane *Elderly or Asian*

1. At anytime, bypassing a line of cars who have slowed down to either exit or enter a freeway, expressway, whatever and cutting in at the last minute so they don’t have to wait in the line, but cause (and apparently don’t care) everyone else to slam on their brakes because the line has now slowed down EVEN MORE. *Asshole*

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